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November 27, 2012 Staff Report to Glendale City Council

Report Regarding Amendment to City's Charter regarding the City Treasurer; Fund Structure Compliance with GAAP and GWP Transfer; Accounting and Finance Eliminating Obsolete Language


Charter Amendment A

Shall the Charter be amended to convert the position of City Treasurer from elected to an appointed position; the appointment be made by the City Manager; be at-will; that the City Manager may assign certain duties to other deputies or the Director of Finance; that the minimum qualifications shall be in the Charter by reference to the Government Code; that the bond and oath of the City Clerk be filed with the City Attorney?

Charter Amendment B

Shall the Charter be amended to update accounting provisions to eliminate obsolete funds and to reflect generally accepted accounting principles, to ensure proper accounting by establishing separate water and electric utility funds, and to clarify existing language regarding fund transfers?

Charter Amendment C

Shall the Charter be amended to reflect the correct title of the Director of Finance, remove obsolete language regarding petty cash handling, require that the budget be adopted by June 30, and eliminate inefficiencies in bond sales by allowing flexibility?

Additional Information

Glendale Charter

Proposed Charter Amendments