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City Council Candidate Forum 
735 E. Lexington Drive Glendale, CA 91206
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 6:30 pm
Sponsored by: Rossmoyne Mountain Homeowners Association

City Council Candidate Forum
Glendale Elks Lodge & Club
120 E. Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205
Thursday, January 23, 2020 from 11:30 am-1:15 pm
Sponsored by: Women's Civic League

City Council Candidate Forum
Dads' Club
1728 Canada Blvd. Glendale, CA 91208
Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Sponsored by: Dads' Club and Verdugo Woodlands West Homeowners Association, Inc.

City Council Candidates Forum
Brand Library Auditorium
1601 W. Mountain Avenue
Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 7 pm
Sponsored by: Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association

GUSD/GCC Candidates Forum
Glendale Elks Lodge & Club
120 E. Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205
Thursday, February 27, 2020 11:30 am-1:15 pm
Sponsored by: Women's Civic League

2020 Election Updates

There are big changes coming to our Glendale Municipal Elections and we want you to be informed and engaged!  The city of Glendale has moved its regular municipal elections held in April of odd numbered years to coincide with the State Primary Election to be held on March 3, 2020.  But moving the election date to the State Primary election run by the LA County Registrar/Recorder is just one of the many changes coming to you. Other changes coming are how we vote and where we vote. The LA County’s effort to modernize our voting processes known as Voting Solution for all People (VSAP) has several different components to it; such as flexible options for voting, a new ballot marking device, new Vote by Mail ballot and new vote centers.

To learn about the new Voting system and its components in different languages please click the link below.

Voting Solution for All People

As we receive more updates, we will place them here on our website (www.GlendaleVotes.org).  Here, we will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot and have their voice heard.  So stay informed and help get the word out to your friends, family and neighbors about these changes.  

Message from the City Clerk

Thank you for visiting Glendale's election information website. Here you can find information about upcoming elections, past elections, campaign contributions to candidates and elected officials as well as information on the election process in the following languages; Armenian, Spanish, Korean and Tagalog.

In 2015, the State Legislature adopted and Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 415, which requires cities with voter turnout rates lower than that of statewide elections to consolidate with the State. This new law necessitates Glendale to reexamine how we conduct our elections and the City’s ability to maintain and conduct our elections in their current form. On November 7, 2017 a report was presented to the City Council called “California Voter Participation Rights Act (CVPRA) and Proposed Changes to Glendale Municipal Election Administration,” in order for the City Council to decide the future of Glendale Municipal Elections per SB 415 (For a copy of this report, please click here). Per SB 415, the legislative body must adopt a plan by January 1, 2018. Ultimately Council adopted Resolution #17-164 that outlines the following plan:

Option A (Primary Election):

Officers elected in 2015 (2 City Council seats) election terms will conclude in April 2019. Option A extends the terms for those elected in April 2015 by 11 months to coincide with the proposed state-wide Primary election date in March 2020. Also, it extends the terms for those elected in 2017 (3 City Council Seats, City Clerk, City Treasurer) by 11 months to coincide with the proposed state-wide Primary election date in March 2022.

By adopting this plan (Option A), Council directed the City Clerk and City Attorney to prepare a proposed ballot measure that would amend the City Charter to change the municipal election date for the election of City Officers (City Councilmembers, City Clerk, and City Treasurer. Staff will bring forward the necessary ballot and charter amendment language for the Council’s review in January 2018 and consideration to place said ballot measures on the ballot for the statewide primary election on June 5, 2018.

The Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) and the Glendale Community College District (GCCD) has no obligation to comply with the City Council’s decision or run their elections with the City on any of the recommended timelines/options. The GUSD discussed their options and made a recommendation at their December 12, 2017 meeting and GCCD has discussed their options and made their recommendation at the December 19, 2017 meeting.  Both agencies voted to have elections on March 2020.

To view a video on how find the information on candidates disclosure statements please click Here. Disclosure statements show you who has received money from what source.

If you have any questions regarding this election or any others, please contact the City Clerk's office at (818) 548-4000 and someone on our staff will try to help you with your inquiry. Thank you for being engaged in your community and interested in its future.

Ardy Kassakhian, MPPA, CMC 

Glendale City Clerk